A Little About Us And
The History Of The Grande Depot 

This depot is a 1912 Soo Line Depot that was built and resided in Eden Valley, where it was the talk of the town. The train brought the first lights that electrified the city in 1913, and brought various types of merchandise, fresh produce, and travelers. At one time, the depot received 4 passenger trains on a daily basis. Railroad officials made the village a whistle stop of its path out west. The Eden Valley Depot was the scene of constant activity, bringing both good and bad news from the outside world. Nothing may ever unify the town again as did the excitement of the arriving train at the Depot. 

In June 1913, a fire began, apparently caused by a spark from a passing locomotive. The blaze started under the depot platform at the west end of the railroad station, and quickly became a total loss but was rebuilt immediately after.

Between the '20s and '60s, Eden Valley suited up to compete in the Great Soo League named after its train station.

In 1976 the station moved to Roscoe, MN for a short time and then on to Saint Cloud, MN, where it resides today as a beautiful specialty retail store and wine and spirits boutique. The Depot's history consists of a supper club, various businesses, and an Antique Mall. Today's Grande Depot was started in 2006, and finished in 2008 with its Grande Opening. Many wonderful vendors worked on the extensive restoration of the site. We are thankful to have you stop by, and look forward to seeing you again!